Here is the first installment of Games To Watch, where the Get Horizontal boys tell you which game to watch in each round.

9:00 – Field 8 – NED vs GBR Mixed – Mainly because #unbiasedreporting.  With Ravi supporting The Netherlands and DP supporting Great Britain, expect an interesting game report on this one.

10:00 – Field 7 – CAN vs USA Open Masters – These are two teams with players who have been playing against each other for at least years and probably decades.  Will be awesome to see how these guys match up against each other.

11:00 – Field 5 – QAT vs UAE Open – These are essentially the two home teams.  Both relatively unknown so it will be cool to see how they stack up against each other.

12:00 – Field 5 – USA vs CAN Women – Because obviously.

13:00 – Field 1 – NED vs UGA Mixed – This game is being streamed and we do know that Dutch player Inger Janssen spent some time in Uganda and played a bit there and is really eager to see how players and the national team have developed.

14:00 – Field 6 – GER vs GBR Open Masters – Another classic between two old rivals.

15:00 – Field 4 – JPN vs GER Open – Two really strong countries from very different parts of the world.

16:00 – Field 1 – CAN vs RUS Women’s – See how these cold weather countries compete in the heat.  Does snow provide good training for sand?

17:00 – Field 3 – GER vs PHI Women’s Master’s – See what these old girls can do.  Philippines are not fielding a women’s team so expect a lot of female talent here.

This Beach Tale brought to you by Ravi Vasudevan and David “DP” Pryce on Get Horizontal.  Featured photo courtesy of Scott Roeder of Ultiphotos.