Visa requirements

The following nationalities require no advance visa arrangements when visiting the UAE. These nationalities simply are requested to disembark and proceed to immigration, where the passport will be stamped with a 30 day visit visa free of charge:

Australia / Andorra / Austria / Brunei / Belgium / Canada / Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hong Kong / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Japan / Liechtenstein / Luxembourg / Malaysia / Monaco / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Portugal / San Marino / Singapore / South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / United Kingdom / United States of America / The Vatican

Travellers not listed above will be required to seek a visa prior to travel. More info at:


DXB is Dubai International Airport. The alternate new airport is Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central (DWC). Pretty much all passenger flights currently go via DXB, but there may be new low cost airlines operating via DWC by the time March 2015 comes around. DWC is closer to JBR Beach than DXB.

  • DWC  Dubai World Central – Al Maktoom Airport (20mins from beach)
  • DXB   Dubai International (30mins from Beach)
  • AUH   Abu Dhabi International (60mins from Beach)
  • SHJ   Sharjah International Airport (60mins from Beach)
  • FJR   Fujairah International Airport (120mins from Beach)
  • DOH   Doha International (50min flying time to Dubai)
  • MCT   Seeb Airport, Muscat Oman (60mins flying time to Dubai)
  • BAH   Bahrain International Airport (60mins flying time to Dubai)

Google map of airports in the area


Almost all major airlines operate to Dubai International (DXB). There are also some low cost regional airlines that operate in the region and from Dubai. So if you can get a cheap flight to say Oman you can fly cheaply onwards to Dubai on say FlyDubai.

If you are travelling from Europe a great new low cost airline operating to DWC (Dubai World Trade Central – Al Maktoum International) is They have cheap flights from Budapest and Kiev to DXB.

We are working towards discounted tickets from Emirates and Etihad Airlines, but all these airlines are good starting points:


There are cruises that operate to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


There are no train links.