John Mercado, a Manila-born Ultimate player working for Becker Travel Dubai, has offered to act as a point of information for players going to the #WCBU2015 and who have any questions about visas.

John will respond to e-mails from individuals and teams who are not 100% sure of what they will require. Together with Becker Travel Dubai he will offer a special rate of US$100 to players who are not nationals of the countries that get a visa on arrival. Visas are valid for 2 months upon release, meaning applicant must enter the UAE within 2 months or the visa will expire. On entry the visa is valid for 1 month.

Becker Travel Dubai is a part of Becker Travel Worldwide GmBH and they process thousands of UAE visas per year and act as the official travel partner for some events held in Dubai World Trade Center.

For more information contact John at