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Tensions rise in an open semi but spirit prevails #BeachTales

As you may have seen on the livestream or VOD, the Philippines were defeated by USA in the open division semi-final on universe point in incredibly windy conditions. The game was back and eventually reached 7-7 with a game to 8. After a few turnovers each way, the Americans had the disc on their defending […]

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Papa and Mama Goose plus John Titcomb #FamilyDay #BeachTales

Everyone knows that WCBU is made up of athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers and organizers.  We also know that there has been  a ton of media covering the event as well.  However, there are some other people wandering around the fields.  These are supporters of the team and some come in the form of parents.  If you […]

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Bracket Play – It’s Business Time #BeachTales

Pools are all done, it is time for the knockout stage.  Check out all the standings here.  It is time to see what teams can manage in do or die mode.  I look at mixed, women’s and open and tell you a bit of what to expect for each one.


The USA has gone through pools without […]

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Player Profile: Currier Island #BeachTales

Name and Jersey Number: Mercy Mbago #9

Which team do you play for? I play for Currier Island in the women’s division, but I am from Kenya

How did you end up deciding to come here with Currier? We didn’t have enough ladies with Kenya.  We wanted to play mixed, but we didn’t have enough ladies.  My captain looked […]

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Coaching and development from WFDF #BeachTales

Ryan Purcell of WFDF ran a coaching and development workshop for the WFDF on Tuesday night.  The event was sponsored by Five Ultimate and there were four panelists there to help talk to all kinds of nations and start discussions on development.  These were Anna Haynes (AUS), Benji Heywood (UK), Kate Barabanova (RUS), and Mario […]

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Open Brackets Tomorrow

The brackets are set for most divisions now and you can see them on the standings page.  The open bracket had a bit of a hiccup in the internal system because Kenya is technically ineligible as a national team since they have too many non-national players.  Because of this their 5th place ranking had to […]

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Kenya Open beats Russia #BeachTales

Yesterday I told you guys that Russia was the team to look out for this tournament.  However, in sports things can shift at any second and the unexpected can happen at any time.  While many people were watching USA defeat Canada, or Great Britain take down the Philippines, Kenya decided to shake things up in […]

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Canada Open steals another universe point game. This time against the Aussies #BeachTales

In a very similar story to their matchup with Russia yesterday, Team Canada showed that just because you are up by few points on them, it does not mean that it is over yet.

Australia went up early in the game with a few breaks and had a buffer for quite some time until things went […]

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Team Uganda Mixed wins their first game at a world championship ever #BeachTales

This is team Uganda’s first trip to a world championship event and even though only one day has passed, they can go home saying that they won a game on the world’s stage.

Today they had a tough start playing against some very seasoned and competitive teams in Germany and the Netherlands.  In both of these […]

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Russia Open – Surprise story for everyone except for Russia #BeachTales

Day 1 is now in the books.  Many things went as people would expect, but one huge surprise is Russia Open.  Russia have had two sudden death games games against traditional ultimate power houses, Australia and Canada.  They went 1-1 on the day and here is a bit more about their first day at WCBU.

Their first match […]

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