Name and Jersey Number: Mercy Mbago #9

Which team do you play for? I play for Currier Island in the women’s division, but I am from Kenya

How did you end up deciding to come here with Currier? We didn’t have enough ladies with Kenya.  We wanted to play mixed, but we didn’t have enough ladies.  My captain looked for another team to take me in, and we found Currier Island.

How is your tournament going so far? So far so good.  We have not won any games yet but we are fighting hard.  We still have games tomorrow so we are hoping for the best.

How long have you been playing ultimate? I have been playing for one and a half years now.

How do you feel about Dubai? It has been a great experience. I have learned a lot and hope to bring this back to my home country and recruit more women.  In four years I hope to have enough women to bring more here from Kenya.  A women’s team here would be my dream.

How is women’s ultimate in Kenya? We have tried to pick it up but we have had some problems integrating women into the game.  We got some ex-pats to join but they don’t stick around long enough. We are now going to colleges to try and recruit more women to get long-time players in Kenya.

Do you prefer a layout D or a sky? Definitely prefer to get a sky.

Who do you predict to get the top 3 in your division? USA, GB and Russia….. No wait Canada!

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