Well clearly the games to watch are the finals. So let’s have a quick look into them and maybe some predictions

Grand Masters: USA vs Sweden – in their previous meeting USA won 13 – 4. The real question is, what will Sweden change?

Open Masters: USA vs Canada – Team USA have rolled through every other team, hard to see this going any other way but maybe the expertise of playing their North American rivals will work out this time.

Women’s: USA vs Russia – in pool play USA only beat the Russians by two. The Russians have already improved on previous results (beating GB in semis) and it is always hard to beat a close team second time around.

Open: USA vs Great Britain – yet to play at this tournament. Last time GB played USA in the final of WUGC 2012 in Sakai, Japan USA beat GB to 7. However, this USA team is not the same and this GB team have gained more experience against the likes of Canada, Revolver and more. Too tough to call (DP is a little biased), but we think this will be very exciting to watch.

Mixed: Canada vs Germany – the only final to not have USA in it, yet again spoiling their clean sweep opportunity. Germany beat Canada 9-7 in pool play, but we think these two teams are almost evenly matched. Another exciting final and impossible to call.


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