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The afterBeach…

Ravi and DP question each other on how WCBU went a month after the event.

RV: How does Post Tournament Depression (PTD) differ between covering a tournament and playing a tournament?
Well instead of aching and wanting a bit of a break from training and playing I find I want to get out again straight away. Think […]

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Games to watch – Friday #BeachTales

Well clearly the games to watch are the finals. So let’s have a quick look into them and maybe some predictions

Grand Masters: USA vs Sweden – in their previous meeting USA won 13 – 4. The real question is, what will Sweden change?

Open Masters: USA vs Canada – Team USA have rolled through every other […]

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Ultimate family in UAE #FamilyDay #BeachTales

As players we love the way in which a frisbee flies, the huge plays, the tactics and the simplicity of the sport. As people we love the idea of Spirit, self-officiation and often most importantly the sense of community. The ultimate family.

Here in Dubai is no different. We see friends of 10, 20 or more […]

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From Chennai to Dubai #BeachTales

In every ultimate federation you find those individuals who have put a lot of effort into spreading ultimate and helping the sport grow in their country. Jaidip Patel is one of those unique people and is the main guy in Indian ultimate, who, in this their second WCBU, have lit up the tournament. I spoke […]

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Volunteer corner #BeachTales

As is now standard for World Championship tournaments an army of volunteers are recruited to aid the TD’s in ensuring the smooth running of these huge events. We caught up with one of the physio team volunteers to talk about her experience here and at previous events.

What is your name? Stephanie Wong

Where are you from? Boston, MA.

What […]

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Got you covered at WCBU #BeachTales

Obviously you have been enjoying the coverage from here in Dubai, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But we thought we could share with you a little of what is going on and the efforts from the different teams out here.

Get Horizontal – for those outside European Ultimate Get Horizontal was started in Belgium by […]

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Player Profile – Portugal #BeachTales

I spoke to the Portuguese beast, Gung-Ho number 45 and now Chevron tall man briefly on day one after a great match up with Ireland.

Give your name and jersey number: David Pimenta #24

Which team are you playing for: Portugal

Which division are you playing for: Mixed

How is your team doing so far? We just had a rematch […]

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Games to Watch: Wednesday #BeachTales

The Wednesday edition of Games to Watch.  If you have some time on the fields, here is what Ravi and DP think you should check out.

8:00 – Field 5 – GBR vs CAN Women: a key game for both teams, expect a cracking one here.

9:00 – Field 2 – POR vs USA Mixed: undefeated teams […]

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WCBU Diary #BeachTales

After two days of ultimate here in Dubai we thought readers from around the world would like to know how this edition of the World Championship for Beach Ultimate looks and feels.

To start, the venue itself is crazy. When you turn inland you see the dizzying and sparkling glass sides of some of the most […]

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USA Women get pushed by GB. #BeachTales

We all know about the dominance of the United States in Ultimate and going into this morning’s game, the GB Women had ignored the script and were ready to take it to the states. Seeing them warm up, and early in the game, I saw a large amount of confidence from both squads.

The first couple of […]

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