The Tuesday edition of Games to Watch.  If you have some time on the fields, here is what Ravi and DP think you should check out.

8:00 – Field 1 – KEN vs UAE Open – This one is on the livestream. Both teams have each had a win against Qatar and this should be a nice battle between the host nation and an African team new to the World’s stage

9:00 – Field 8 – PHI vs IND Masters – A nice combination of Asian flavor.  Should be an interesting one to watch.

10:00 – We have to digress here – Ravi’s pick is Field 2 – GER vs NED Mixed and  DP picks Field 10 – GBR vs USA Women’s for obvious reasons.

11:00 – Field 7 – CAN vs AUS Open – These are two traditional ultimate power houses who both had universe point matches against Russia

12:00 – Field 1 – GBR vs JPN Open – This one is on the livestream as well.  This is a quasi-rematch of the 5th place game at WUCC in Lecco of Clapham vs Buzz Bullets

13:00 – Field 7 – GBR vs RUS Women’s – Russian women are hot right now with a win over Canada.  GBR are traditionally very strong and are currently undefeated, this one should be an epic matchup.

14:00 – Field 4 – CAN vs UGA Mixed – Can Uganda take their energy from their first win into a tougher opponent?

15:00 – Sorry there are two amazing matches here again.  Field 1 – USA vs CAN Open and Field 6 – GBR vs PHI Open. These are the two top seeds in each open pool.  Wish we could tell you which one to watch.

16:00 – Field 4 – GER vs FIN Grand Master’s – Two old powerful European countries looking to battle it out

17:00 – Field 1 – SWE vs CAN Mixed – ECBU Champs vs a North American powerhouse.  This one is livestreamed, do not miss it.

This Beach Tale brought to you by Ravi Vasudevan and David “DP” Pryce of Get Horizontal.  Featured photo by Scott Roeder of Ultiphotos.