Today we saw a competitive game between Germany and Great Britain in the Women’s Masters Division and we hail back to ECBU 2013 in Barcelona where these teams met each other in the final, which Germany won. Here some of the previous finalists spoke to me and remembered ECBU in different ways:

How do you feel about meeting again since the finals of ECBU in 2013?

Valeska Schacht, Captain of Women on Fire (Germany): “Familiar! Europeans was the first time in Ultimate Frisbee history that a women’s master division existed at a beach championship. The circle of teams was so small at ECBU in 2013. We consider them family forever.”

Alize “Bob” Clough, Captain of Great Britain: “I didn’t participate in Europeans [in the Women’s Masters division, Bob did, however, play for the Women’s team in Barcelona] two years ago. I have a lot respect for all the players in the Masters divisions and I have enjoyed playing in the Women’s Masters division here.

How do you feel about the Women’s Masters division debut year at WCBU?

Valeska Schacht: “Overwhelming! It is a really good feeling to be presented in all seven divisions in worlds.”

Alize “Bob” CloughAwesome! I’m really proud of the possibility to join worlds in this new division and I hope it will continue to be competitive so that entire generations and friends can play together every four years.

About the game at hand, Germany managed to lead the scoring up to 6-5 but handed over the next four points to Great Britain.

The British women’s masters noticed a turn in the tides and took the chance to take the win. There was a short come back from the European champions up to 7-10 and it felt like they were back on fire and back in the game. But when time finished Great Britain held off to win 11-7.

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