What is your name? Adna Muliawan (#3)

Who are you playing with? United Arab Emirate Open

How is the tournament going? Played first game against Qatar and really started to work out our offence and got it flowing really well we also won, which is great, 14-3.

Who do you have next? USA

What are you thoughts on hosting this great tournament? Just seeing people here in Dubai, playing Ultimate, being happy is amazing. 

Sky or layout D? Definitely a layout D, love to see people get sandy. 

Predictions for top 3? I would really like to see a USA vs Philiphines final (as of last time), the way the islanders play on sand is really fun to watch. They are so quick on the sand. Seeing them run their strategy and play in this environment is going to be great to watch.

This #BeachTale was brought to you by David “DP” Pryce from Get Horizontal.