To help teams raise money to play in Dubai we struck a deal with Discraft: Only $4.40/each for 200+ Discraft discs with a #WCBU2015 focused logo and personalized by country.

No need to design anything! We have done that for you. Here are examples of discs for the Philippines and Portugal:


You can use these discs to sell locally and raise funds for the trip. We already tested production and see how pretty they look.

What do you need to do to take advantage of this offer?

  1. Register your team on Ffindr (this does not commit you to play but it shows real interest :-).
  2. Fill in the quote request so you know how much shipping will be. (You can select more than 200 discs).
  3. Send the complete quote to:
  4. Discraft should respond within 3-4 business days with your quote
  5. In case the shipping costs are a bit prohibitive, you can try a reverse pickup at Discraft. For the UAE discs they has FedEx pick up the discs. For 200 discs you should expect three boxes: 2 boxes 22x22x17 inches weighing 35 lbs each and 1 box 22x11x23 weighing 22lbs.
  6. After you approve the quote, tell Patrick Fourcampre-Maye ( and tell him for what team/country
  7. Patrick will have your national flag added to the design and send you the artwork ready to submit to Discraft.
  8. Send the artwork to Discraft and continue to work with them to process your order

Simple! 🙂

See you on the beach!