hottest day tomorrow, tuesday 10 march 2015.

  • max approx. 35degC and
  • at first on the 11th due to stronger S’ly flow
  • dropping later on weds and thurs max approx. 25-27DegC

The land/sea breeze regime I mentioned continues to affect Dubai but with more intensity than expected.

In general:

Offshore winds in the morning/onshore winds in the afternoon. As you’ve no doubt noticed the fog gave way to dust haze due to stronger S’ly flow, and is set to continue. The big change in the forecast is the strength of the morning offshore winds.


fresh – strong offshore (S’ly) morning winds (easing midday – afternoon). This means dust haze will thicken further.  Blowing dust/sand during strong winds.  The visibility is likely to reduce to 500m or less during particularly strong offshore winds.  Midday-afternoon visibility improving only to much the same as today.

Wed’s forecast shows similar offshore winds in the morning (and therefore similar vis’), with afternoon winds turning onshore (NW’ly)and improving the visibility.

Thurs’ forecast light winds in the morning, strengthening onshore winds in the afternoon.


moderate/fresh onshore winds expected in the afternoons both weds and thurs.

There is a chance of showers, thundery at times on weds as a trough passes, we cannot be 100% of this yet but its definitely a possibility.