The Ultimate community’s dedication born DiscBank to support Ultimate Frisbee communities who having no discs and to develop growing of Ultimate Frisbee communities. The basic idea is to collect old discs from players and get them into the hands of communities that don’t have any. We already have some interest from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Give us your old discs for them! You can find us near the Five Ultimate Merchandise Tent.

DiscBank FAQ

What is Disc Bank?

The idea for Disc Bank was borne of the Ultimate community’s dedication to helping support development in communities and grow our sport. The Disc Bank aim is simply to gather discs from communities that have many and put them into the hands of communities that have few.

The big problem with doing this has always been the cost to transport discs from A to B. So our idea is not only to provide a simple method to collect discs and do it in a focused and structured way, but also to use the global ultimate community (and the amazing tournaments) around the world to collect and distribute them.

How do I make a deposit?

Initially, we will be trialling the Disc Bank at WCBU2015 in Dubai.

But the idea beyond WCBU2015 is simple. Your local tournament organiser, flying disc federation or supporter will provide a Disc Bank at a local tournament, league or event. We’ll post details as we receive them on the Disc Bank Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FlyingDiscBank

Disc Bank branches will collect discs and distribute them to players attending major events and tournaments around the world.

At WCBU2015 all you need to do is:

1. Find the Disc Bank (WCBU Branch) at or near the Five Ultimate Merchandise Tent

2. Mark your disc with a Unique ID

3. Snap a pic and post on the Disc Bank Facebook Page

4. Your job is done!

How do I make a withdrawal?

Simple. Like the Disc Bank Facebook page and send us a message. Let us know a little about your community or what you plan to do with the discs and how many you would like. Are you going to run a clinic at a school, start a team or just bring Ultimate to a new community?

If you know someone attending WCBU or a major tournament overseas (or even just traveling overseas for work or fun) then pass that on to us, too. Else Disc Bank will reach out and see if we can get those discs to you and or your event for free. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Once you get the discs, all we ask is you send us some pictures and information about who received them so we can share with those who passed them to you. Awesome, right?! Helping us share these amazing stories and the disc’s journey will ensure Disc Bank is a success.

Spreading the word

The success of this project will depend on sharing the experience of those passing and receiving as well as those stepping up to start their own Disc Bank Branch. We’ll be relying on social media to help us do that which will be key to making this work and indeed will be crucial to finding those individuals traveling to and from tournaments or simply travelling for business and pleasure. We know Ultimate players are an adventurous lot so we are really hopeful. We’ll be starting out with using Facebook but that will expand out very quickly to other platforms.

So the message here is share. Share like crazy!

We aren’t going to hard sell you anything. We aren’t going to try and make a profit or a fast buck or share your details. We want to put discs into the hands of people that need them. Simple.

Needless to say if you have an idea, share that with us, too. We think this idea has a great deal of potential but we won’t get it perfect the first time. If you want in on the fun, have a useful skill or just want to open a branch, then drop us a line.