Dubai is not the cheapest city in the world but we are taking every measure to keep the costs for the WCBU2015 as low as possible for the players:

  • The number of days of playing has been shortened by one day (compared to the last WCBU) to make the stay more affordable and the trip more accessible
  • The player fee has been kept low at €145. This is only €10 more than at the 2013 European Championships in Calafell.
  • The team fee has increased a bit: from €385 to €520 but that is still only €10/player more than in Calafell
  • We are working hard getting cheap accommodations starting at €40/night.
  • The cost of food and drink in Dubai is on par with most major cities. A latte costs about Dh15 ($4; €3) and dinner at a restaurant on the stretch near the beach, called The Walk, for two people costs less than Dh200 ($54; €39).
  • Transport is very cheap. One taxi journey within the city limits rarely costs more than Dh125 ($34, €24).
  • There are a lot of cheap flights to Dubai


The best cost saver is to book early. Pay your team and player fees before there is a 20% penalty. Book your flights early, and don’t wait until the last moment to book accommodations. Low accommodation prices are generally for a limited number of rooms/apartments.