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Apologies for missing game statistics

Due to some technical issues (beyond our control) it was not possible to do live scoring on some games today. For that we apologize.
All game results are now online. Some game statistics are still missing but they will be updated on as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Weather info


hottest day tomorrow, tuesday 10 march 2015.

max approx. 35degC and
at first on the 11th due to stronger S’ly flow
dropping later on weds and thurs max approx. 25-27DegC

The land/sea breeze regime I mentioned continues to affect Dubai but with more intensity than expected.
In general:
Offshore winds in the morning/onshore winds in the afternoon. As you’ve no doubt noticed […]

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Latest Spirit Scores for Monday (PDF Download)

Find the latest spirit scores for Monday here.

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Come over to Emirates Medical Student’s Society tent

WCBU2015 is partnering with the Emirates Medical Student’s Society to provide health check-ups that include blood pressure, glucose, and BMI testing. EMSS will also prioritize educating women about Vitamin D deficiency and bone health and educate people about the contributions of females athletes to sports.

The tent is next to TRIBE FIT tent and is named as […]

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Current Spirit Scores (PDF Download)

Find the current spirit scores here.

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Ice for all!

There are huge buckets of ice besides each pitch. These are meant to be used (be reasonable) by players to keep you cool! They will be refilled when needed, keep cool and stay happy!

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Lunch time in athlete’s village

Lunch bags arrived in the athlete’s village in front of the green container now, so enjoy your meal and go green 😉

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Menu offers from the Ritz-Carlton

Four stations will be set up along the beach directly in front of the property. Each station will have the following items available:

Grilled chicken breast – 60 AED
Grilled salmon – 65 AED
Grilled Angus beef burger – 55 AED

*Above sandwiches served with lettuce, tomato, and garden herb aioli

Chicken Caesar wrap – 65 AED
Organic mixed greens, spiced […]

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Gifts for volunteers

Reminder if you have gift for volunteers drop them off at the Main Information Tent for Shiellah’s attention.

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Recycling bins

Lets go green. Use the recycling bins.

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